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since 1975

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Sea freight - Goods sent by sea, can be an efficient and cheap way of transport, specially for long distance, from continent to continent. Several of our shipping connections have weekly departures.Our system makes it possible to adapt all of our clients needs and wishes for transport.
Transit / sailing time: The sea freight between America and Europe takes about 20 days, a complete door to door service not less than 30 days, depending on the collecting - delivery addresses.
Agents: We are working very closely with our agents, which arrange the necessary clearing and delivery.

Container transport - has many advantages. We offer several different types. The 20`and 40` containers is often referred to as standard container. If you do not need an entire container, then use our LCL (less than full container load) freight. We consolidate different LCL shipments together and bill you only for the quantity you ship. Some ships transport entire containers, but some also transport smaller lots. The biggest advantage with sea freight is a reasonable price from port to port. We can collect the container with the cargo, send it with a ship to the destination port, and then deliver it to the consignee. Palletized and smaller amounts of goods are transported via terminals, with collecting and delivery.

Rail transport - is in many ways similar to sea freight. The goods are collected in a terminal, stowed in containers, sends with the railway and delivers locally.

Road transport - This is a flexible means of transport, colleced and delivered directly door to door, smaller amounts of goods normally via a terminal. The lorry transport general cargo - part loads - removals - containers and other special transports. For example cement and petrol in bulk- or tank lorries and similar.

Vehicle transport - We can transport your own car,if you prefer this instead of using a hired car.

Air Freight - if you have to send spare parts or parcels, then the air freight is an excellent method.

For a freight client,Quality-service-time-price are important. A quality transport will cost more,but security will also be accordingly.

Sea freight / containers
Collecting / delivery
Air freight

All shipping is normally to be freight prepaid, agreements of credits to be confirmed in advance. The normal procedure for credit payments is an Irrevocable Letter of Credit from an approved bank. Private
persons normally pay in advance and before the assignment
commences. In order to give a correct offer it is important that we get correct information regarding collecting/delivery adresses.

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