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Removals since 1975

••• Insurance.

When you have your belongings in your house, you usually have covered with a home and contents policy. This policy is based on a low risk situation. When you move your goods, the risks is made considerably greater and this is why your normal policy does not cover you. A transit insurance, offered by your remover, is in most instances the most economical way to cover your goods in transit. You your self will set the value and then pay the insurance together with the removal bill.

In terms of international removals the "General Conditions for International Removals" apply, making the removal company responsible for damage. The insurance has a limited coverage, however, and it is advisable to take out a transport insurance which gives full coverage for any damage.

"If I pack my own boxes am I insured?" This is a very common question.
For insurance reasons it is a good idea to let the removal company take care of all packing. Because your goods have not been packed by the remover, they can take no responsibility for their contents in the event of any damages/breakages. Insurance companies often refuse to insure goods not packed by professional removal companies.

Insurance during storage and delivery is very often forgotten. If the cargo is forwarded to a storage, then the transit insurance will normally end at that point,It is however possible to let the same company insure the goods also during storage and delivery, but it has to be the same insurance company.

We can arrange insurance which is designed specifically to cover household goods being moved from one house to another, including any periods of storage.




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