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Tore Line flyttemann
Removals since 1975
NO 4330 Ålgård NO 989 617 923
Tel: +47 40 00 87 77

ToreLine Int.movers
Los Pavitos no 1. P.B. no 10
ES 29711 Alcaucin (Málaga)
Cif/nif: x-1641822-J
Tel:+34 669 003 443

since 1975

••• Transport conditions for removals.

Vi make removals to a G O O D experience

  1. Without advance agreement all wall hangings etc. to be unscrewed/taken down by the customer.
  2. All goods to be clean, to avoid transference to other goods.
  3. Corrosive, smelly and classified goods will not be accepted.
  4. The firm will not be held responsible for the following:
    Goods liable to be affected by change of temperature. Internal damage to computers and similar machines Damage due to large, heavy furniture or other equipment in small passages and stairs. Damage incurred due to the customers own packing.
  5. If door/door transport cannot be effectuated because of hindrance not specified in the offer, any extra costs incurred must be paid for by the customer.
  6. If storage is necessary, the customers household insurance is to be transferred to the warehouse address.
  7. Payment for the commission to be paid in full before delivery and cannot be withheld due to claims pending.
  8. Claims for damaged goods must be fully documented. The firm’s responsibility is limited and applies only to proven negligence.
  9. Compensation or repair claims must be delivered in writing within 8 days.
  10. Customers self insurance for all damages is € 450,-
  11. The customer should guarantee that all removal goods are free for encumbrance.
  12. The firm has the right to demand a receipt when goods are delivered. If the customer or his representative is not at the delivery site, the goods will be delivered according to agreement with the customer. The commission will then be regarded as carried out.
ToreLine undertake removals on a
local, national and international basis.




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